Life, love, laughter, disaster

February 22, 2008
By Hannah Dillman, Discovery Bay, CA

Life, love, laughter, disaster
These things we live off of every day
Let's begin to imagine life without them
What would it be like that way?

The world would still spin
The birds would still fly, the cars go
The horrors of the world would wtil sin
And the actors put on the show.

But what would life be?
no feeling no happiness no sadness
It would be nothing can't you see
It would be nothing not even madness.

Life's nothing without these four things
I hope you can see it now,
Just world full of sorrowfull people
How would we live that way, just how?

Lucky for us we don't live that way yet
Today's society is on the verge though
We'll get there one day I bet
But let's just live today for today and not think so low.

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