He Tries to Hug Her

February 22, 2008
By raymond sauceda, Des Moines, KS

He tries to hug her
tries to show her how much she means to him
all shes doing is crying her eyes out on her bed
he tries to ask her whats wrong
but she won't say a thing and cries herself to sleep
hes worried about her
tries to remember what happened the past month
can't really remember anthing
a week has passed
she hasn't eaten very much
she never left the house
not one
then she got all dressed up
she wore nothing but black cloths
he wonders why
so he follows her
they drive
not saying a word to each other
then they arrive at a church
its a funeral
they walk together into the church
he doesn't know who it is
they are walking closer it
the coffin is closes
she is shaking
then she opens it
shes crying so hard now
seems like shes gonna die
hes really confused about everything
then he finally realizes it
hes dead....

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