The Stars Are Silent Now

February 22, 2008
See how the snowflakes swirl so pretty
in the air and then melt away vanish
into the asphalt, because they just couldn't
defy gravity forever.
See how my smiles so saccharine-like are
pulled down by the shadows and they only look
like lies in the mirror, because I know I just (can't)
defy my heart forever.

Oh, god, what is this world
but worse my dear, what have I become.
The heavy s(l)ick feeling at the bottom of my chest just
digs deeper with every breath.

Starlight, star bright,
it's never been so dark like tonight
and I'm listening to the sky but the stars
are silent now. Let's try to pretend we believe
in hope, because we have to love, we really have to.

My wrist is metallic icy to the touch
when I finger it trying to recall that I'm alive.
Your s(k)in is scarlet and burning with rage
and when you brush my face my heart ignites.

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