Surprise Seatbelt

February 22, 2008
By josh gherasim, Brentwood, CA

After fifty drivers failed
The cop came to me
He said, “You’re the lucky winner
For having your seat belt on correctly”.

The cop gives him the prize cash and then says,
“I have one question to ask.
What are you going to do
With the money you have won?”

“I’ll get myself a driving license.”
And then without another thought
The mother said, “You’re joking!
Can’t you see he’s drunk?”

The father said, “Don’t say that kind of stuff,
When he’s just stolen a car.”
“Are we over the border yet?”
Says his friend as he jumps out of the trunk.

The cop turns around
With suprisement in his eyes
He thought a man without a seat belt
Was very, very unwise.

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