The Once Was Almost Cure

June 28, 2011
By dark.poet BRONZE, Guelph, Other
dark.poet BRONZE, Guelph, Other
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Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed into a slow vibration.That we are all one conciousness experiencing itself subjectively... Bill Hicks.

you have invaded my psyche

and called it healthy

harassing my thoughts

the owner of a new disease

breaking down doors

when I gave you the keys

I tried to paint the sun on my window

but black was all I could show

and you put me here

the place I now call home;

it feels too crowded

to be here alone.

who are you

and why are you dead?

I still can't sleep tonight

I think I'll fly instead.

this is a question

and my answers are misread

fall too hard and crash too fast

your little feelings could never last

take a second to realize pain

find it beneath a wound

inside of your brain

they said its perfectly normal

to be this insane.

The author's comments:
do not change this nor re-write this. it takes away the purpose of creative expression. these are my thoughts and feelings which are not to be tampered with. thanks.

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on Jul. 19 2011 at 2:37 pm
chrissie_star GOLD, Commerce, California
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Its just another chapter in the past just turn the page dont close the book.

nice nice nice !! keep writing! it is kinda like mine yet different of course... kinda the same subject!

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