February 21, 2008
A fair size
And extraordinary mansion to live on.
Creatures enormous to microscopic
Populate the intensely colored world.

The cap of the never ending ice cold waters
Meets an unforgiving
And unsympathetic icy fortress.
It doesn’t differ between young or old,
It is a hateful place to anyone or anything.

The bottom can be a destitute and solitary domain.
Between the frozen, almost unlivable,
Pieces of ice,
Seemingly unending chunks of soil
And territory marked by men and creatures,
Float the waters.

Separated by disasters inflicted by Mother Nature
Are overflowing with men, women, children
And numerous animal species,
Wild and domesticated alike.

With non-living volcanoes
Or cliffs,
Are dangers lurking everywhere.
From the biggest cities to ghost towns,
Forests to the plains
Are dangers both wild and domestic.

The Earth has many creatures
And many sights;
But careful we must be.
For the Earth is only an egg,
Still unhatched.

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