Forever in the Making

February 21, 2008
Come lay with me,
With you I’ll share the warmth of the
sun that lies on the other end of space.
Can’t you see it wink and smile as you
dance with your arms in the clouds and your heart
on your fingertips?
The only thing I ask is for those tips to
brush my cheek and leave the stain
of love.
With you I walk on seashells,
As they crackle underneath our souls,
we leave the crimson path of our past
glittering diamonds behind us.
Together we laugh in a bed of honey,
Tumbling in the hope that forever exists and praying
it will be spent in each other’s arms.
As small as ants we trip through the
Tulip Forrest that is the idea of the future.
As tall as giants we crush all that stands in the way
of always.
Determined to make it through the days of smiling suns,
and on to the days of laughing daughters,
and braided hair,
and family dinners,
Rolling in a bed of blankets knowing that forever does exist and there is
More Beautiful
Than Always...

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