February 21, 2008
By chad medel, Byron, CA

My first day of middle school

It seemed forever for that relieving sound, the bell

I did not know where to sit

I was looking for my friend

Then I saw him in a cluster of students

Eating lunch

I was able to catch him before he left

I said “hey”

But all he gave was a strange look

And a uncomfortable silence

Which made me shiver like a cold rainy day

He finally walked away with his group of friends

But I repeated myself again and again

Until he said I don’t know you go away!

I was speechless

I never felt this bad before

When he said that, it shattered the window of blindness

And made me see what happen

I was still confused

A storm was going through my mind

It buried all my old memories that we had

The great times we had

But the storm separated us

And I was left behind

He wanted that chapter out his life

I do not know why he did it?

I wish I did

Why did things have to change?

Do I embarrass him?

I guess I’m on the bottom of the food chain

But without us they are just average kids

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