The Visitor

February 21, 2008
By Oda Schioetz, Vancouver, ZZ

Dip your toes into the water,
Feel the cool substance ripple,
It makes way for the visitor,
Its greeting is cold but welcome.
You submerge yourself,
The icy water parts, letting your living body in.
It swallows you whole,
It takes you and devours your soul.
It leads you down into its depths,
You tangle yourself in its slimy vines,
You rap them around and around.
Look at the fish as they perform,
Watch them play and sing,
Then comes the octopus,
He plays the piano with his eight legs,
The show ends and you clap.
You unwrap yourself and kick for the surface,
You reach air and breath,
You remove yourself from the water.
The visitor has left,
Water shall now refill its place.

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