Ticking temperance of time

July 5, 2011
By Asya Zuyeva BRONZE, Bournemouth, Other
Asya Zuyeva BRONZE, Bournemouth, Other
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These stone temples ache in mourning -

I wait.

I chew the sleepless lips.

But time is not my spite adorning -

Black clock has snatched me by the hips.

Grey, silent Ticks

Defy all motion.

Pray, Tocks,

Why can't you fly like lies.

Drag me to anyplace Devotion

Is not betrayal in disguise.

Please God,

This veil of tearful malice,

Is not at all for me to bear.

His purple chords were sharp and callous,

No war or truth seems ever fair.

I wish from dawn to dusk

To hatred

I wish you didn't twist my heart.

I wish I hadn't been so baited.

I wish I never feel apart.

We messes,

Artful, cold


My hollow days

Draw out mistrust.

Choked hours of numb convulsing,

In sobbing memories.

In dust.

You. Empty venomous


I gave my skin to all your hands.

Tonight sweet,

Never-leaving debris,

You, darling, only you can


Crawl out, on hands and knees

Without you.

One day I won't know

Eyes, nails,


No silver letter here can undo

The sickening wrongs of which

I cuss.

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