Tell Me

February 21, 2008
By Derrek Sabin, Shorewood, IL

Tell me we’ll burn like stars
Infinite space, and nothing.
Radiant, benevolent, consistent

I, The Hunter, Orion
You, The Queen, Cassiopeia

and vain you shall be, eternally

Days will come..go.. yet we’re consistent
Luminous, for all to see.

The bane of being a star
But consistent still
No fear of burning out,
for we burn together

Explosive, yet cognitive.
Numb, yet burning still
And yet we’re consistent.

Floating, turning, folding.
Burning though, always burning together.

I burn only for you
My radiance, selective, for you… alone, and consistent still.

Tell me we’ll always burn together.
Stars are always there, and always we’ll forever be.

Or so I thought.

You smiled for selfish reasons.
And for those alone
Luminous, for all to see

The bane of being a star
But consistent still

Consistent, always for another
The closer I came to your light,
the longer your shadow became
Combative, elusive, changing

No.. changed

I thought immortal,
You thought supernova

Resplendent, we hit our breaking point
Expending eons of energy in a few agonizing minutes

We filled the whole sky with news of our departure
Every Dwarf, and every Giant was made aware

and you’d have it no other way.

Nearing our end, I spent all my light,
In a final endeavor to win back your rays.

Alas, I was in vain.

And supernovae we’d become
My eons of struggle,
Suddenly a blitzkrieg

Eventually, I’d become nothing
An infinite void, a black hole

You’d go on, reborn as a pretty white

Of course.

Luminous, for all to see

The bane of being a star

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