Love Just Out of Reach

July 4, 2011
My hands stretched out to finally connect your hand with mine; but this can't happen. Not now, but, how long will we have to wait before our arms can finally be intertwined? It seems like an eternity spent with a lot of sleepless nights and shower crying. All is temporary; all but the heart ache that is antagonizing both you and I. We cannot speak without being our own mail. Our mail, is forever private. At least until I'm older, or you somehow become younger. My heart aches so much for you; my hazel eyes fill whenever I miss you deeply. Can this eternity finally be over? Or will it be definite that we cannot speak and we'll have to cease forever? That word, forever. It scares me, it can mean that we will be with each other forever, or it also be definition means that we will never be able to talk again. Why can't we just talk? Can we stop and rip off my Juliet and your Romeo costume? I'm tired of playing secretive, but you're my desire, my drug, I need you. You're the love that is just out of arms length that I need before I die of heart ache. So I shall pray that these nights of crying and no longer sleeping that these nights will finally cease; and I can feel you surround my body with yours. Then I'll know forever that you're with me, my protection from the rain, but my sunshine when I see you smile. So here we go again, with just one more sleepless night and a tearful shower before I can finally embrace you once again.

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