For So Long...

February 21, 2008
By Ivan Figueroa, Blaine, MN

For so long I have waited for this to end, but the menace persists in its malevolent manner
So many deceived by its counterfeit hope, but I stand here and affirm to avenge
The blood of those that perished, trying to reveal the palpable truth…the light.
I stare into this traumatized mirror and see the likeness of a redeemed soul
So weak, so fragile, but through fire refined
Oh tribulation how I once feared you but now no more
I look on with anticipation for the final confrontation, that this shall be when the sun stopped
When all was stripped away and death will be an enigma long forgotten
Terror shall be humbled to thy feet, for this is the hour
Let the angels sing, the trumpets roar like the sea
In glee I shall stand for I know that redemption is at hand

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