True Power

July 4, 2011
The flicker of life, like that of lightening
But yet it's opposite
Like lightening short, brief, only able to travel 1 path
No turning back
no second chances
From the air to the ground..
And yet unlike Life
Lightening is powerful, bright, true power...
The power in nature...unbeatable..
Jumping from cloud to cloud
Waiting for the opportune moment..
The moment to strike!
Again like Life it tens to carry Death in it's path..
Does anyone truly know?
Does anyone truly know what it feels to have true power coursing though their veins?
Can anyone handle such power?
Fierce, unmerciful, uncontrollable power.
Or are we left to our petty beliefs?
Beliefs that WE hold such power
That WE can control it
That WE can tame it
Beliefs that power is in simple paper or social standing..
Without The Mother, The Earth, True Power we could not exist
Only in her power do we exist
We cower in fear...fear of the unknown
Fear of that True Power
Fear of what we, our greedy, uncaring, selves cannot have..cannot control
In the darkness we are blinded
Blinded by the power, the beauty, the unknown
Men sit and try to unfold the simple complexity of it all. They pride themselves in false knowledge
Marvel at the beauty
Cower at the strength
Think not you control er!
Know you live only in her grasp!
Know her presence!
Respect it!

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