The World In My Eyes

July 4, 2011
By TylerJacobray SILVER, San Diego, California
TylerJacobray SILVER, San Diego, California
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I see the world in my eyes
I see the beauty lifting for the skies
I breathe love and lies calling you to look for where I hide
Fire of lips giving me blessed gifts
You hold the chain of something betwixt
It’s of steel blue, cold, burning as flame
A serpent between the writhing waves
Eyes made of fools gold, a striking sight
Shapes of all colors vibrant I was paralyzed
Blinded of passion and foolish hopes
You speak slowly lips of a goddess blessings abound
Curses quickly fall to the pitied ground
Many weep they are worn down weak and ill
Faces they loved were nothing yet as real
Purses of old portraits of faded memories
Stained of tears and warped of foolish years
Fallen to an empty sea, they were once worn and weak
They stand, they listen, they teach

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