The Masks of Tragedy

July 3, 2011
By David Slotemaker BRONZE, Custer, Washington
David Slotemaker BRONZE, Custer, Washington
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A rose is a rose,
A rock is a rock.
They cannot pose,
They cannot lock,
Who they are,
Deep inside.
They promote near and far,
They do not hide.

I'm tired of hiding,
Who I am.
I'm sick of fighting,
I am merely man.
Most people disguise,
Their true feelings and face,
From prying eyes,
For the fear of disgrace.

People will meet,
Hackles all raised,
Both trying to see,
If friendship proclaims.
One may see sparks,
The other sees nothing.
One's left in the dark,
To the other; amusing.

Masks are prominent,
Every which way,
Some may seem dominant,
But it's all just a play.
No one is real,
Anymore as it seems.
Can no one feel,
The pain that this brings?

Throw off these masks!
Dispose of this hate!
And throw up your flasks,
And join in what's great!
Gather around,
And accept one another!
There's much to be found,
Don't hide under covers!

You may find yourself,
Among all the crowd,
Count yourself blessed,
For it's You, you had found!
No more of these lies,
Just simply be!
Don't sit and cry,
Behind the Mask of Tragedy

The author's comments:
After time and time again of thinking that I have began a new friendship, I find out differently. After bending myself backwards, I've had enough of the B.S. people call popularity. I'm ready to start a new life. That life? Me. Not some shadow of myself that I want others to approve of. I think that the world would be better if everyone decided to do this. Don't become societies puppet. Live YOUR life, and love who you are.

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