Some One Once Told Me...

February 21, 2008
By Stephanie Colter, Phoenix, AZ

Some one once told me that life is unknown
Pin your flowers early, before they are gone
Someone once told me that life isn’t fair
You don’t know you need them until they’re not there

True it is life is day by day
Love from your actions and not what you say
Don’t take for granted the life that they led
And forever regret what you never said

Hope for the best, but tell them you know
How they taught you and cared and helped you to grow
How they told you they loved you and always would
And showed you they cared the best that they could

Remember my friends there’s no time to wait
To give them their flowers when it’s truly too late
Regretting the past, and what you failed to do
To show someone how much they mean to you

So think to yourself, I ask everyone
Have you shown that you’re grateful for all that they’ve done?
And truly thanked them for being a friend
And made sure they know how much you love them

Some one once told me you get what you give
So tell them you love them while they yet live
I love you cannot be expressed through a tear
So cherish the moment, while they’re still here

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