July 3, 2011
We breathe wasting all our life
This world we reach for isnt right
Meaningless this is, Reach but never hold, emptiness
Priceless moments we must have to grow
This isnt meant to be, your heart of gold
You come to me, bruises and blood drip, my fingertips close the wounds
You are a gift, beyond treasures to ever find
Your confused you plead for a place to hide
His lies, born of pain dimming your eyes
you have lost without a fight
You no longer remember who u were
A ship lost within a sea striking with waves
This hole your drowning to breathe
Your eyes speak of return
To bring a new beginning
Life as you have seen wasnt right
You have come to resist this evil night
Your soul of fire, you breathe of return
You Speak you are to teach others
You Stand you are now in command
You deserve the love you show
Live this world, live it to glow, do what you can you are in command

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