Game Over

July 3, 2011
By Briana.Tafuto BRONZE, Middlebury, Connecticut
Briana.Tafuto BRONZE, Middlebury, Connecticut
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The whistle blows and I’m passed to the server. Its game point and she holds me in concentration, dribbles to pump her self up and gets her blood flowing. With hope that all her nerves and fears are gone, she gives a light flick of the wrist and I’m thrown into the air and punched across the net. The opponents look at me with determination but confusion and fear on who should receive this fast pass. Twisting and turning flowing right towards them at rapid speed, faster and faster the time to think begins to run out. Finally someone steps up out of bravery and dives to the floor in hope to make the picture perfect pass to the setter. I receive a hard bump in which switches my direction and I’m sent soaring into the hands of a grateful captain of the court who has but only to exert all her energy into throwing me across the court. At this time another hitter has to time her approach perfectly in order to slam my face into the ground. The setter gives a perfect assist and the outside hitter aligns herself to my angle and she advances toward me, jumps up, and with all her might sends me crashing down to the floor on the other side. The opponents all dive to the ground in hope to get a hand on me but all failed to do so. That was it, game’s over…one team is left in tears while the other celebrating their victory and I’m left there rolling to the edge of the court.

The author's comments:
Volleyball is my life and this was my game winning point on a very important match!

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