Always and Forever Myself

July 3, 2011
Many people stare back at me.
And now you wonder,
What do they see?
Not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I’m sure.
But a shining white diamond
A heart that’s so pure.
I take in what I know,
And does what I please.
Who is struck by glory
And tries to appease.

I turn around on my axis.
Just to breathe it inside.
What do I have that is to hide?
Many things, I can tell you right now.
And to all the haters
I wave and yell “ciao!”
From memories to yesterday.
I remember it all.
To my own voice is my answer to call.

As tall as a tree trunk to my sight I am.
My body is normal, and I feel alright.
To what pressures do I have to fight?
“You’re ugly!” they say, without a care.
“Come on! Don’t be a loser!”
I say try and be fair.
I want to make peace
In the halls of the schools.
Even if I fail to try and look cool.

Like a chameleon I shimmer and change.
A different personality I am each day.
To whose rules do I choose to obey?
I can be an actress, a model, or teacher.
I learn not to speak out
And become the chatterbox “preacher!”
But I am what I am,
A girl all my own.
One special spectrum,
I have always shown.

My name you may ask?
I have many to say.
Which ones have come out along the way?
Speedy Gonzalez, GG, or Nerd.
From Fruitninja, AJ, all sound so absurd!
But a name called by Allison.
A wannabe Jane.
The honest truth,
The real honest truth.
Allison Jane Gilstrap.
That’s a name in my book to be proud of.

Don’t like what I do?
Don’t like the way I dress?
Talk to my accountant.
My attitude.

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AJFruitninja said...
Jul. 15, 2011 at 10:14 am
please comment!
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