La flor y yo

July 3, 2011
La flor, much more than simply a flower
Much more than its fragrance subsisting for hours
The flower embodies the blossoming of something grand
Something that was too great for the seed to withstand
A flower is an emblem of the seed’s everlasting patience
And it’s guardian’s loving, and nurturing maintenance
Building up until the day, the seed would sprout and begin to sway
That seed went through much, to be what it is today
Perseverance and determination to make it’s way
So in a way, the seed and I are alike, scared, struggling, but excited for life
With the succor of my parents, on the hike of life
We all have the ability to bloom some day
We just need the strength and support on our way
And that is what I plan to do
The seed, me, and hopefully you

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