School is a Mental Assylum

February 20, 2008
By Raqshanda Khan, -, NV

School is a Mental Assylum.
Where students are prisoners,
Who have to suffer hard labour,
Continously for 6 hourse,
5 days a week.

When someone opens the doors of the class room,
We feel relieved, atleast we know how it looks outside in the open.

We are made to sit straight in our wooden chairs, with handcuffs in our hands, till they become sore and start bleeding.

The Teachers, or in simple words, The Mad Scientists, keep onfecting our brains with numbers, words and information.

If our labour goes wrong, we are sent to the Isolation Room and made to wear straight jackets so we can't move.

In the canteen, they serve,
Cold gruel, old gruel, stale gruel,
With worms and cockroach eggs as toppings.

Atlast, we are sent back to good clothes, good food, good people and of course, Freedom.

But still there are the tortures for tomorrow.
Anyway, who cares, let's just live freely for today.

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