Enter Fear

February 19, 2008
Enter fear.
Well I’m an explorer of sorts
Searching for bodies and mountains and minds that you haunt
Because you see, all the other ghosts have visited
But I’m still waiting for you to reach out from my skull
So set me off into the sea
And we’ll sink like stones in your body
Like clouds vanishing
Like winter entering
And October was late this year
But she didn’t care
About the autumn leaves
Yearning to fall into the life of a phoenix
Reincarnated in spring
Because now the worlds out of key
But your voice is still in perfect harmony with the wind
Grabbing you down like the pilots hands
Driving this mess into vanity
And honey, my explorer days have got to end
Because now I’ve got these
Hooks coming out from the pupils of my eyes
That grasp onto anything that calls for cheap inspiration
But I hooked myself onto a rusty barbwire fence
Hoping there was something beyond it
Well that’s when my memories scrambled out of order
And my thoughts became illogical and inconceivable.
Curiosity drove me to madness
But maybe there’s still time for you to visit
And cut my spine into pieces
Maybe you’ll find my idol to turn your flies into jewels
But maybe he would turn the world into dust instead
Maybe you would find words that spill out, flooding the room
Like blood or sweat or tears after a goodnight
But I know maybes never satisfied you
But maybe, just maybe, this time will be different.
Because you see, all the other ghosts have visited
But I’m still waiting for you, Jesse.
Exit sanity.

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