the way i feel

July 2, 2011
By Anonymous

SometI'mes i feel that my feelings are just whatever but i know they will be gone someday forever i shouldn't have never letted them grow because now i just want too let them go they are just too deep for me too keep i cant have strong feelings if there's not gonna be healing i have too say I'm done because i cant keep them shining like the sun i cant let my heart get hurt now i have too dig them up in dirt i have too do whats best for me and someday i will feel clean but for now i gotta keep them away they cant last another day i wish they can fade away but its hard when they keep trying too stay i need too learn how too move on because someday my heart will know whats right and whats wrong but for now i gotta be me and let them free i hope someday i will see the reality and and not feel the I'mportality

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem because this is how i feel i wrote it fom heart and the way my feelings are right now well you like it <3 [:

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