Secondhand Smoke

February 19, 2008
By Kirk Gibson, Roanoke, VA

One puff and she's done,
She can't breath anymore.
That drag of death,
The smoke killing her lungs.
Society allows it,
The government doesn't say a word.
She doesn't realize the guy beside her,
Thinks it's absurd.

It's a choice she makes,
Along with others.
But what she doesn't know,
The guy beside her, it killed his mother.
Secondhand smoke all his life,
Her smoke blown in his face.
Just because it's allowed,
Doesn't mean it should be taking place.

The funny thing is, it's not her fault.
Don't blame it on her.
He's a sinner too
What more is he worth?
The smoke is killing them both,
At a gradual pace,
Blackening their souls,
But far from saving face.

This secondhand smoke,
Taken in like a drug.
Her body is dying,
How much farther does her casket need to be dug?
Puff in her lungs,
Blown past his face.
Look at it this way,
Life itself, is saving grace.

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