Look up to the Dark Elephants.

July 2, 2011
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Naked angel,raise your cross.
Banish those of the dark
Banish those you have burdens
But watch the rocks behind.

My followers;looks forward
Use the gifts, Satan gave us
But beware,watch our captors
That we swath in our temples
Out run the cloud behind
For the shall weaken what is already fragile

My dear Lord,
I shall try to guard what is pure

Oh black knight
We follow you
But his natural angel has a megalomania feel about,

My dear inferior
Please tell me you know,
That your own vocabulary lacks meaning
For that. My disciples
Means power hungry
I think you means he waits on the lord
And wants to prove is existence is worthy of something.

My one and only
These beautiful women
Are natural angels like myself,
I must do what's right and put them first
Lord, I leave you now, but know i shall always worship you.

My dear son,
Because of the justice in your heart
I shall let you go now,
I shall guide you as best as i can
I wish you the best.

Inferiors, now is the time
Our natural halo bearer
Comes forth for our captors
Leave him to the cloud.
Move on.

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