I Roam Forlorn

February 19, 2008
By Jesse Wilson, Murrysville, PA

I roam forlorn in my thought,
Dreaming of an age long passed,
One of warriors and strongholds,
And glory undiminished,
Of valor and dauntless élan.

I roam forlorn in my thought,
Lamenting for the shining sword and shield,
For the bow and pike,
Yearning for the lion-hearted battle cries of the
fearless warriors.

I roam forlorn in my thought,
Wondering why that noble age has all but vanished,
Only now lingering in the hearts of its lovers,
A lost symbol of adventure and renown,
An age of majesty.

I roam forlorn in my thought,
Grieving as time takes its toll,
Pushing that age out of recall or desire,
Just as the beautiful fall leaves slowly fall away
And leave us in the hollowness of a winter everlasting.

I roam forlorn in my thought,
Feeling as if I am alone,
The only one possessing such a deep passion.
Lost in the depths of my fantasy.
I roam forlorn.

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