February 19, 2008
By Nicole Pomeroy, West Hills, CA

Keep in mind that the sound of your thoughts racing
And the way your smile hangs elegantly on your face
Gives you away
You’ve always been one to dream big,
But you’re now realizing the 3,000 miles between
You, me, and a real conversation has exceeded your limit
But the secrets kept in the corner of your eyes have grown on me
And as your staring at the sun and listening to the stars
I swear I’ve never felt more alive
The stains on your sleeves are fading
Just like the fragments of our theory
Ive concluded that seeing any emotion spill out of your body
Would be the equivalent of seeing you broken
I would do anything to see you broken
I am your excuse for hypocrisy
I miss red afternoons spent on your rooftop
Walking on our tiptoes to the edge
Balconies were too safe for you and I
I miss the Pacific Coast Highway, secret spots, and 1979
And acceptance has grown too far from home
So I will swallow your words for you
Enabling you to fall asleep in the sun bleached sheets
Staring at the oceans reflection
Dream me up a reversed theory
I mean.
You have always been one to dream big.

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