The Line Through the Mountain

February 19, 2008
By Emma DuRoss, Lincoln Park, MI

The line through the mountain was a tunnel or a long path. Though legends of the line were said to be a strike of God's wrath. God had said to man to respect everything of all kind, hidden in this mountain love you shall find. Man set to find this great gift called "love", but little did man know that it came from above. Love is a gift you cannot seek, you are blessed with love that you must try to keep. So man set out looking, and so did another man, and soon it became a competition, disrupting God's plan. The men did not find this great gift called love, for all they found was hate, a curse from the Devil's wicked glove. When God saw these men fighting for love, he sent a bolt of lightning straight from above. The lightning struck a line through the mountain, for God's lesson was a line of suppression. One side of the line was for those promise-keepers, good and loyal, but the other side was for those bad, for love, was what they had attempted to foil. The good side had kept God's special promise, while the other's mistake was a sorry miss. For the line through the mountain was neither a tunnel nor a long path. It was God's lesson to treasure love, and to not face his wrath.

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