When We Were Small

February 19, 2008
By Rachel Tyler, Corpus Christi, TX

When we were small,

It was such a beautiful world.

All the good times weren't in a mall,

They were racing down the street with your friend barefooted,

Laughing until you couldn't breathe.

Tears weren't over somebody that didn't take you to the dance,

Tears were from losing your cat, and realizing it was just under your bed.

Anger wasn't over the teachers giving you a pop quiz,

It was over not being able to go to the icecream man.

You didn't go out to meet your date,

You went to have dinner at your best friend's house.

When you spent the night,

It wasn't with ten friends talking trash about classmates,

It was with grandma, getting kisses until you were covered with lipstick.

When we were small, things were much easier,

And I would give alot to go back to those times.

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