You Are the Sun

February 19, 2008
"You are the sun,
that brightens my day,
the only one,
who knows what to say.

When I see your face,
My heart starts to jitter,
like i have found the place,
where i am no longer bitter.

Before I met you,
I felt alone,
a boat lost at sea,
happiness postponed.

But you are the light,
that guides this boat home.
The arms that hold tight,
like a dog to his bone.

You're there for me,
You share my thoughts,
You're the warm cup of tea,
that warms at my heart.

Life before you arrived,
was sad and deprived,
you opened my eyes,
to a whole other side.

You are the sugar,
that sweetens my day,
the cherry on top,
that hits the right spot.

You are the moon,
that guides me to sleep,
where i dream of your face,
and that happier place."

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