July 13, 2011
By BecauseImAspen DIAMOND, Bonner Springs, Kansas
BecauseImAspen DIAMOND, Bonner Springs, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
what can not be changed can wilt away or fade, but never will it be forgotten.

They taste of salt.
like the oceans water only not as bitter.

They run down a child's cheek when mother or father yells their name in discontent.

It travels down a sullen teen girls eyes when her boyfriend breaks up with her, or her best friend has lied to her.

when a drunken father bets his son and tells him it's not okay to cry.

When a mothers daughter gets married and father walks her down the isle.

When that first child is born. and everyone cries.

The mother who spent 9 months carrying that precious life inside of her, sat in labor for hours.
the father who paced back and forth hoping everything went fine.
the family in the waiting room.
the doctor who delivered a sweet little baby.

Tears they travel far, from the broken and abused.
Happy and loved.
To the forgotten and remembered.
but tears they'll always flow
with the familiar taste of salt.

The author's comments:
No matter what is going on in you're life you're always going to cry whether you are happy, or you are sad. It is just something that is done. There is so much that goes on in this world that no one looks at and they need to understand it's not all about there self. but they do need to make the best of it. and that their tears, they are the best thing that they have.

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