Treat Her Right

February 19, 2008
By Ashlee Rister, Discovery Bay, CA

When you say I love you,
We think its true,
But obviously to you,
It’s the totally opposite of truth.

You hold are hand,
Say you never want to let go,
Till we catch you,
Flirting with another hoe.

You will hug us,
And kiss us,
Saying that you cherish every moment,
When you’re the one opponent,

You think it is fine to flirt with another girl,
Play spin the bottle when were not there
Do want you want till we find out,
Then you’re the one complain its not fair.

Boys we hate this,
We want a boyfriend that will last
We get sick of your sh**
And your stupid a**.

So treat her right
Never let her go
Tell her she’s the one
And she means that
But much more

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