Love is Fake

February 19, 2008
By Ashley Braden, San Bernardino, CA

Love is fake,
Nothing but a game,
Starts differently,
Ends the same,
Don’t fall in too deep,
Because it’s hard to climb out,
Then as you’re falling,
No one hears you shout,
The one you love,
Loves someone else,
Just go home,
The game is over,
Force a smile,
Even though you’re trying,
Everyone can see,
That you were beat,
And bruised all over,
On the outside,
You’re beaten,
But on the inside,
You’re dying,
Just please,
Stop trying,
None of you,
Can make it leave,
The feeling of being deceived,
Just run away,
Or kill yourself,
Because now,
They have someone else

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