Faerie Speak (A Formal Introduction to Insanity)

February 19, 2008
By Megan Tilley, Clearwater, FL

Shall I introduce myself?
I do not know you
You, who are the shadows

In my mind
Who follow me at a distance
Eyes ever watchful
No, you shall not know me
For I already know you
But I will show you the horror
Of all that clings to me
Digging into me like

Barbed wire lullabies of long ago

My past moments are manifested
In every breath I take.
Lovers, saints and sinners

Speak to me in the late watches of the night
As now I speak to you.

Like a child who is afraid

Of her own dark mirror
Flickering on the ground beside her
Her small legs prone to flight
Her eyes drawn to those things unseen
I flee from the existent
The things I know I should not see
Death and violence and hate, unadulterated

Flash before my eyes

Bodies lying on the streets
Graves swollen with tears

Reveling, instead of in death, in the faerie hills
Drinking the forbidden wines
Spinning dizzily
(Ring around the rosy
A pocket full of posy
Ashes to ashes
We all fall down)
Reaching up to stroke the delicious silks
Of night

I have tasted delerium
And found it just as beautiful

As the golden dancing dreams
That flit through my mind

Intoxicating hallucinations that come
When the moon hangs like a single drop

Of jewel from midnight’s throat
Leaving thoughts of wings and dark wide eyes
Of beauty as sharp as knives
That flicker in the firelight
High cheekbones and cornsilk hair

Laughing mouths lined with razor teeth.
Shall I introduce myself?
No, for you already know me.

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on Aug. 24 2011 at 11:44 pm
CheshireBlack, Rudd, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
\"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.\" by Sir Arthur Conan. Doyle


Simply amazing.....it gave me chills and made me imagine beautiful things. Thank You.


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