Reese Pieces

July 12, 2011
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Why does everything feel so vague?
Why does the world mock my every thought?
I’m me, but I feel so trapped
Please tell me you can set me free
Tell me its gets better
Tell me lies because the truth stings
My life is a curse
I’m just an experiment
A puppet pulled by strings
Strings that will never come unhinged
But the insides are coming undone
When will I break?
My fake sown on smile is beginning to fade
Everything you’ve told me is eating me inside
I’m sorry I am not perfect
But don’t worry I am on the outside
The perfect daughter
Everything you designed
Just don’t open me up
You wont like what you find..
I have a too big heart
And a rainbow mind
I have searched far and wide for love
And found it in her
I found the love you’ve sworn was sinful
I’m sorry but if it’s sin then she’s my temptress
And I’m falling in
I refuse to stop
If it is wrong
I do not want to be right
Everything is surreal
With her by my side

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