What's This Supposed to Mean

February 19, 2008
By Amanda Van de Kamp, Sheboygan, WI

What's this supposed to mean,

knowing I've given you up

and yet you enter my mind

in my dreams, in my sleep

you're there all the time

I see you clearly

and we're happy

just like when we worked together

but can't I get you out of my mind please

because truthfully I'm done

I want nothing to do with you

now that I've thought about it

I don't need you anymore

and you wern't ment to stay in my life this long

so now I need inner strength to say goodbye

and though in dreams you still say

"you're my girl"

no I'm not

and I never was anyway.

My shoes are like no other,
flying and diving here and there across the stage,
spinning and grinning with there shiny black look,
as I smile and leap and cascade from here to there,
the truth is that I really don't have a pair of dancing shoes,
but anytime I come close to you my ordainary everyday shoes become these,
so for you I jump and hop and spin,
giving my all just for you,
so I give you something to smile about,
to laugh and grin,
you bring out the best in me,
you are my true dancing shoes,
because you are a "shiny immortal" person,
with love and faith,
and truth and grace,
love so strong that nothing seems to go wrong,
whenever we're together anything is possible,
and you...
you are...
my dancing shoes...

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