I Love Him, I Love Him Not

February 19, 2008
I love him, I love him not
My stomach flutters at the thought
Does he like me? A little? A lot?
Torn between anxiety, my heart fought

I saw him across the hall
I hoped he'd notice me
But was he looking?
Not that I could see

Should I speak? What is there to say?
Not being able to talk to him is the cause of my dismay
Maybe someday we could be together
But will it be over fast? Or last forever?

Walking into class I take a seat
My heart feels like it is skipping a beat
Anxiously wait for the bell to ring
Go to my next class where we can sing

I sit staring up at the clock
When suddenly it rings and off we flock
I enter my choir class and find quite a surprise
I am looking into my secret love's eyes

He sits right next to the seat I take
My heart is so stunned it is about to abate
Suddenly he leans into my side,
and asks if I would like to go for a ride
"To the drive-in?",he asks.
I sit in shocked silence as we sing "I love him"
I turn to him after class and say,
"Yes", and think he is mine at last

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