The Room of Unreturned Love

February 19, 2008
By Rachel Meyers, Randolph, NJ

A storm approaching does not give warning;
neither did this lonely morning.
I was unaware you wouldn't catch my gaze, only look through.
This was because of you.
We failed to acknowledge the downfall, thinking that silence would solve this.
We were wrong. Only truth could dissolve this.
Yet we didn’t speak. The only reminder of the outside world was footsteps from above.
But even those seemed distant in the room of unreturned love.
The air was suspended; our bodies separated from our minds.
My heart ached to leave this memory behind.
At this point, Never was more attractive than Losing,
My lips knew how to move but persisted in refusing.
Until his lips did. Their small movement spoke for him.
They curled up, knowing his desire was broken before him;
as was mine.
I thought I had wanted this, but I learned I can’t choose my destiny all the time.
Flowers never shrivel elegantly; residue of their previous beauty is always prevalent.
By now, our former content was irrelevant.
We both knew this. So as we sat with his lips curled up it was not a smile,
only a recognition that this was worth while.
The door shut behind him, I shriveled into the cold wall,
and cried tears of the last three years and the quiet, unforeseen fall.

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