In The Lively Eyes Of A Beautiful Child.

July 12, 2011
By MattyMattWeirdThing SILVER, Warren, Arkansas
MattyMattWeirdThing SILVER, Warren, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
"It's funny how
my heart forgives,
but my mind
doesn't allow me
to forget."

By: Matthew Broughton.

I like to play
I like to run
I love to frolic outside
in the glorious beauty
of the wonderful sun
Rolling in thick mud
Climbing a big tree
Hide and Go Seek
You can''t find me!
Very nimble and quick
let's play TAG!
Ha-ha you are it!
Me and my friend Tim
having a merry time in
the colorful jungle gym
Feet please don''t
make me slip and fall
I must be super steady
even though he
stands very, very tall
I''m playing to win
in our game of basketball
Uh-oh, it''s six
in the evening
I fear that it
is getting late
time for dinner
I like spaghetti
but I want desert
in my tummy
mmm! Yummy!
warm milk and chocolate cake
this is great! :)

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