I'm Alyssa

February 19, 2008
By Alyssa Hardman, Portalnd, OR

im Alyssa 13 years old and when i was 8 years old we moved i was sad for weeks and weeks i had lived in my old house for 8 years a week after we moved in everything changed my sister (bekka) changed she started smoking and drinking and running away not comeing home for days a couple times 2 weeks shed yell and scream and fight with my parents make fun of me and my two younger sisters say she hates us all of the time and says how stupid we are she came home stoned on mothers day and she lies and lies to my parents and cuses us out.Than when i was 9 years old my oldest sister left she was the only sister i could talk to and hang out with the only sibling that i actually felt loved by she moved to missouri 4 maby 5 days driveing my heart beeted fsater and faster and i wanted to die.Then when i was 11 years old my older brother changed he started smoking and drinking and yelling and doing everything he said hed never do he was just like bekka it broke my heart that same year my grandpa died adn it made everything worse my dad cried for weeks off and on and it wuded the rest of my family the next year my grandma got teribly sick so sick she couldnt do anything and eventually had to get heart surgery that same year my older sister beth moved to LA to go to collage and on the way my sister had a siezur i was home with the rest of my family and my friends janelle and annya were over when i found out i cried through out the entire service of church no stop wondering how she was monday night i found out my sister was fine i was so happy but soon enouf i was back to being sad and now here i am 13 years old crying every night locking myself in my room and crying in the middle of the day and wanting to run away.my bff is going through kinda the same thing only worse her parents got a divorce her oldest vrother went to jail her real dad went to jail and forgets that her and him are gana go do something and instead goes and does drugs her older brother curtes and her fight all the time and her lil sister and shalonda (my bff) cry everynight so our family porblems are simaler she spendsi the night and we lay in my bed crying our eyes out talkin about how we wish we were happy and laughing all day not crying and wanting to run away.

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