Scattering the Lines

scattering the lines between
what is "normal"...what is "different".
I'm in between, I'm something else.
I think too much when you oppose
thinking too little.
I let myself go when I should
wrap the rope around a little bit tighter.
I'm too ecstatic to be contained.
I'm too outrageous to be tamed.

but you didn't know that. you never did,
you never will. completely.
you smile like you don't care.
but the hallow grounds of your voice
echo the truth burrowed beneath
your vocal chords.
telling you its not okay.
but it is to me. but its not.
but it will be. I am what I am.
I will be what I allow.
I will follow the heartbeats, follow the magnetism.
As you continue to lead me astray; lead me astray.
the monster in your composition swallows the blood flow,
halting all oxygen, suggesting a different route to
feeling this way,
devout of light headedness.
apart from waves of exhaustion;
burning me out, burning me out.
you host late night parties with the devil,
calling to me and mine.
sultry voices peeping optimism,
shadowing ugliness, far away from me.
where it'll never be seen.
pushed away in puffs of smoke.
hiccuping from your core,
bursting with sparks, out of you;
into me.
I'll put it down, I'll give it up,

next time. next time.

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