A Shot Between the Eyes

February 19, 2008
What do you
When your caught between two
When you don't want to lose
Who do you choose when you're caught between two friends that want to be more
When there's two paths from which you could choose, two open doors
There's nothing to do but to choose
But you make the wrong choice
Now your friendships are tore
And one's lying on the floor
A bullet between the eyes
Your choice led to his demise
And now everyone cries
Now you're wondering how could a choice do this
How could saying no shake the core of the very Earth from which he left
How could saying one yes lead to a persons death
Since when did a choice have the power to kill
No! Not kill........
Since when did a choice have the power to murder
Now you've locked yourself in you're room
You're wondering is he looking down on me right now
Does he know how much I cared
Does he know I was wrong
Does he know that my love for him was so strong
Does he know I'm sitting here writing this poem
Does he know that as I sit here I plan to die the way he did.........
A shot between the eyes
That led to both are demise
Did he know that when I made that choice
That it would end two lives...........

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