Dear Mother

February 19, 2008
Stare into my face and tell me what do you see ?
Do you see the demons that live within me?
Do you see how the anger seeves from me?
How the pain is so clear to see?
& all the "im sorrys" you never gave you will not recieve
Remember when i was younger and you used to beat me?
And if i was bad you wouldnt feed me.
As i got older the streets were shelter to me.
Wandering around lost lookin for something to eat!
Dear mother
No lies, just bitter truths and teares from my eyes.
I will miss you in the event of your demise.
Becasue no matter waht you were mine
But god dont like ugly in his sight
I said it yea thats right
I sign this letter sincerely to
remember me because ive already forgotten.

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