Tremendous Tour

February 19, 2008
By Katie H, Andover, KS

It had finally come after almost a year
of practice and singing and dancing, oh dear!
We were arriving at the church, with all our bags packed
ready to go on my very first choir tour.
My iPod, DVD player, and more
would be my entertainment for the trip
The sack was so heavy I hoped it would not rip.

We all said our goodbyes and gave our last hugs
But now it was time to enter the tour bus.
The multicolored seats all swirled in my mind
This being my first choir tour, I hoped my bus buddy was kind.
Luckily my cousin sat by my side,
so I sat back and situated myself in my seat
and I went along on my painstaking ride.

Sticky floors and banging doors were all the sights and sounds of the trip.
The bathroom odor creeping out made me feel like I was going to be sick.
Watching old movies kept us busy most of the time,
but they were always interrupted by a cell phone buzz or chime.

At last we arrived at our very first stop,
A fancy church whose size made our jaws drop.
We went down to the basement for our makeshift changing rooms.
Ours was old and stuffy like a janitor’s closet with hundreds of dusty brooms.
The theme of our play was the radical eighties
with the leg warmers, spandex and side ponytails on the ladies.
The men were dressed in neon jumpsuits and such,
overall, some outfits did seem a bit much.

After an hour of choreographed moves,
it seemed to be time for all of us to take a snooze.
We all packed our bags and headed out with our hosts.
My first house was the house I remember the most.
The people were kind and the pets were friendly
I knew there wouldn’t be very many
houses like this on my adventure.
The next morning we left for our next stop of the tour.

After our third performance, we got a surprise.
We went to a place with junk food and rides.
Six Flags in Texas, oh what a treat.
When we were there I could barely keep up with my wandering feet.
The rides were exquisite, the food out of sight.
It surely was a great delight.

After that day of amusement park fun,
We got to see the beautiful setting of the Texas sun.
In two days little did I know,
I would get to see a singer’s concert that would make my mind blow.

Chris Tomlin was from a small town in Texas that we happened to stop by,
his concert sure was a great surprise.
Most of his songs, I knew by heart.
The ending, I felt, was the very best part.

A few days after the concert, we went to the beach.
I put sunscreen on all the places I could reach.
Sadly my face suffered a HUGE burn.
The painful red spot sure was a lesson learned.
The pain raged on for the rest of the trip.
The burn looked as red as my lip.

On the way home, after all of our plays,
we needed to entertain ourselves for the next two days
of traveling on our awesome bus.
I really was not one to fuss
because the games we played were silly and fun.
They seemed amusing to everyone.

At last, whoopee! We were home at last!
The trip home sure seemed to fly by fast.
Next I was in the car
and as we departed,
my brother and I recapped or trip
and hoped the next year would zip
on by so we could redo it all.

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