Shit Gets Old

June 18, 2011
This s*** is getting old I cant take this anymore this town, the people and the way they are ; two faced and dying to find their places they must fit in, they must have their way.However they care for nothing but their selfish reputations.I am sick of these cold hearted people that have no strive, no effort and no sole. It sickens me that my old friends have been poisoned by these modern day trends, I fear they will never change they will only get worse, things will only get worse. So that is why I must leave this town. I must be with my own people, they are a different kind of bunch who don't judge one based solemnly on appearance or what they represent they see through that, they look for the good in people and are gracious and friendly. I feel i will find happiness in the north because this s*** is getting old.

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