Because She is My Brother

February 19, 2008
By Carissa DiPietro, North Providence, RI

You don't see the tension within.
Confined in a body that torments her mind.
For what you see isn't what is true.
Personified deceit is what comes to life.
She summons me in a shadow of longing.
Interest in what cannot be.
And is instead masked by what society accepts.
For what is right is chosen by the public eye.
Our nights are spent doing what is forbidden in daylight.
I am the only one she has told.
I’m awoken by cries of desperation.
The sleep stolen from my eyes.
I watch in the mirror, as she slips on a dress of blue.
Tousles curls of blonde over the tuffs of short brown hair,
Smoothes a sheer pink shade over her lips.
Then waves the mascara wand,
As if it is the solution to all problems.
When in truth it is the problem in itself
She is a maiden softer than dreamtime,
But this body deceives her.
All of her inner beauty and rage locked away.
For spilling the truth would mean greater sacrifices.
Her splendor is simple, her grace apparent.
And this, perhaps, is what has gone wrong.
Born to be a lie, a fate that she must change.
Instead, she pushes the words back down.
Before they have a chance to spill out of her.
And it feels like all the controversy in the world,
Is hidden under this very roof.
With a trunk full of wigs and dresses,
Made for a body in which she doesn’t live.
A life of lies, and cover-ups,
But the truth is hidden in this basement bedroom.
As I help her through the challenges of today,
And the problems to come.
Though it hurts me to see her endure this pain,
She knows I will always be there to help, to pull her through
Because she is my brother.

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