Black Cat

February 19, 2008
By Kathleen Lau, Basking Ridge, NJ

Snow falls silently towards the ground. Warm in my moss green and milky sweater. Hands tucked into dark green mittens. Winter vacation has begun. It’s peaceful as I look up at the sky.

Across I see a black cat shivering in the cold.

I kindly beckon it to come.
Tinkling of a bell as it swishes its tail. Dark midnight blue and silver ribbon shine in the distance. Small like a stuffed animal it moves to my direction.

Mewing at my feet. Gently picking it up. Soft, velvety, and silky fur.

At home I present a saucer of milk. It then curls up into a ball in the corner near the heater. Watching it slurp happily I smile.

You’re not alone I whisper.

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