Who Are You?

February 18, 2008
By Kathleen Lau, Basking Ridge, NJ

Who am I?
I am a Martian
Living in a silent world
I am plastered leg
My world has just unfurled

Who are you?
You never speak
Are you a Martian too?
You have tears on your cheek.

Who am I?
A girl who can not speak
Who are you?
A boy who leans against the tree
As if you were the last one on Earth.
I now understand
Martians who live outside of Earth
Without a helping hand

We are secluded in our own world
With fear of being forgotten
We are here because we are different
In a field soft as cotton

Those who turn away
Will regret
Playing their silly game
One day
Everyone will learn
No matter the face or name
Because we are all different
We are all the same.

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