February 18, 2008
By Kate Turney, Flagstaff, AZ

These little bright white
antidepressant pills are stars.
I swallow them and feel
them burn in my stomach,
watch them explode
into supernovas and collapse
into black holes through
my thin skin. I wonder
if they could rage through
my insides and destroy all
of my doubts, insecurities,
misgivings. Would they
light up that dark forest
and turn dry, wilted flowers
into quick fire? I also
contemplate them pulling
my skin, blood, bones,
and all my organs toward
their centers. Could they
stretch me into a lovely
ribbon of protein, maybe
make me disappear into
the great void so many
philosophers imagine?
I decide that they can't,
that I should trust them.
I gaze fondly at those
tiny capsules that hold
my future, my happiness,
my sanity. I smile.

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